Why choose TravelHomeFinder?
There are numerous travel platforms available for booking apartments, but none quite like us. The primary distinction lies in the fact that the majority of sites such as Airbnb, VRBO, or even Booking.com impose substantial fees on guests or add extra charges, often a fixed percentage, on hosts. Consequently, this results in significantly higher expenses for your accommodation. At TravelHomeFinder, we do not levy any booking fees on guests nor do we charge any percentage to homeowners.

How can I pay for my rental?
Since we directly connect guests with homeowners, the payment method can be discussed and agreed upon directly with the homeowner. For instance, we often recommend a simple method like paying in cash upon arrival as it provides security for both you and the homeowner and is generally straightforward. However, the payment arrangement can be made directly with the host based on your mutual agreement.

Why pay a listing fee when I can list my rental for free on Airbnb?
The idea of ‘free’ on Airbnb comes with a cost—while it seems like you can list your rental without charges, Airbnb imposes a substantial booking fee on all your guests. Additionally, you have limited negotiation freedom as you’re bound by Airbnb’s stringent rules and terms, leaving little room for flexibility. Often, Airbnb faces an oversupply issue, making it challenging for your listing to stand out. Lastly, providing confidential ownership details and contacts to Airbnb, a platform with a questionable reputation, can be concerning.

Listing your rental on your terms provides peace of mind and more control over your property. Additionally, you can maximize your rental opportunities by receiving extra booking requests through our platform.

How I can communicate with homeowners?
To communicate with homeowners, once you’ve found a listing of interest, go to the information box displaying the host’s profile. From there, click on ‘Send Message.’ Unlike other platforms, you have the freedom to directly share contact details such as phone numbers or social media accounts like WhatsApp and Telegram. This allows you to communicate with the host and vice versa as you prefer.


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