List My Vacation Rental on Expedia

Should I List My Rental on Expedia?
You may be considering listing your vacation rental property on sites like Expedia. However, doing so inserts an unnecessary middleman and commissions, eating into your potential rental income.

How Expedia Listings Work
If listed on Expedia, they essentially act as a broker for your property. Travelers book and pay through Expedia, who then pass the booking to you. In exchange for this facilitation, Expedia charges guests increased rates and takes a hefty 15-25% commission from each booking. As a rental owner, you must deeply discount rates offered to Expedia to offset their commissions. This greatly reduces potential earnings.

List Directly – Save Money
Cut out the middleman with TravelHomeFinder. Pay a tiny $39 annual listing fee and showcase your home directly to traveling guests. You set the rates, handle all inquiries and bookings directly with guests, and receive full rental rates paid minus our low listing charge. No commissions ever!

Enhanced Exposure
Expedia additions drown listings in cluttered results. Our platform spotlights every property to maximize visibility and booking potential.

Start Listing Today
Enjoy higher earnings, enhanced exposure, and simpler management listing with TravelHomeFinder. Join our community of rental owners now! ©

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